Bathroom Organization Ideas – Declutter In 15 Minutes

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Declutter Bathroom In 15 Minutes


Many of the homes I have been in have Bathroom clutter. Maybe you are fighting this in your bathroom too. So here are some bathroom organization ideas.

Sometimes only a few items in the bathroom will cover many duties, so many of us can cut down and declutter.

In this article I will give you some ways to take just 15 minutes to declutter this room.

Start With Purging

Because most bathrooms are rather small in comparison to other rooms, many items can just be stacked on the counter. You need to reclaim your space by taking a couple minutes to clear everything but the essentials.

Bring in two bins or boxes plus your trash bin. In one put the things are are necessary to keep and in the second one put things you will donate or give away. And the outdated, broken or frayed items go in the trash bin.

How To Purge

Most of us have too much stuff such as cosmetics and need to let go of some things. When in doubt about whether to purge here are some questions you can ask yourself:

-Do I need it?
-Is it used regularly?
-Do I have more than one?

If the answer is appropriate to any of these, let go of the product or item. This gives you more counter space, especially when there are several people sharing the bathroom.

Final Touches

Now that you have sorted into the bins and tossed some products, wipe down the counter tops or use a hand vacuum, such as the black and decker chv1410l dustbuster, to get up the pieces of lint, debris and hair.

Now it is time to place items back on the counter space and in your organizer

Bathroom Counter Organizers

To keep things from getting cluttered up again, you need to organize like things together. If put in catagories it would look like this:

-hair accessories
-skin care items
-hair care items
-shaving supplies

You can choose to use a rotating Makeup Organizer to help keep these kinds of things together and organized. It comes in white or black.

If you have other people in your home, that wear makeup, you may need more than one of these organizers.

Or a bathroom counter organizer with drawers would do.  With everyone having drawer space or even a matching basket on the counter where they can keep their things, things will be far less cluttered.

Not Everything Belongs In Your Bathroom

Sometimes you can end up storing things in the bathroom that does not really belong.

An example of this is medications. There is too much humidity and if you may have medication that should be in a locked cabinet. These need to be taken out of the bath room.

It may seem like a good place for your linens, but again this room is often too humid for this. You may begin to get mildew in your towels or bed linens. The linen closet or some shelving outside the bathroom would be a better place.

You can find good sales sometimes and want to buy extra of products or bathroom tissue. Again, the linen closet would probably be a better place to store these.


bathroom organization ideas

Final Thoughts

To have more space in your bath room, with less clutter, will make your room easier to be in and more productive to use.

Don’t buy more than you need, If you do get extra products, put them in another room or even the linen closet or pantry. Keep a trash bin in the room and when things are empty throw the bottles out right away.

Put these tips to use now. You can can get rid of bathroom clutter in about 15 minutes or less. Then keep up a schedule of putting things away and cleaned and have everyone join in to keep things nice and neat.

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