Declutter Bedroom Ideas

Declutter Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom, and that of your kids if you have any, is an easy target for clutter as you put stuff in it intending to deal with it later. The cup from your water, old magazines and a host of other things can end up making what should be a sanctuary an unbearable mess. Fortunately, you can start working on decluttering and getting your bedroom organized. Have the kids jump in and do the same things with their belongings.

Make An Assessment 

First of all, you need to take an honest assessment of the room. Determine your final goal and break it down into manageable tasks. These might include purchasing special organizers, new decor or other items necessary to keep the room clean. However, you should not make additional purchases that have no relevance or that you aren’t ready for.

As an example, you might think that under bed storage is a great idea. But, if you don’t know exactly what you intend to store in them, don’t pick them up at your favorite retailer. Even if they are on sale!

Begin To Sort

Grab a garbage bag or two and toss out anything that is clearly garbage. You might also need a box for any magazines, books or other printed materials that you need to look through more carefully. Now is not the time to find that chicken parm recipe that was in your favorite publication. Also, no bills should be in this box. Bills don’t belong in your bedroom anyway!

Your bedroom should be a place for sleeping and personal time with your significant other. Allowing mail and other outside matters to clutter the room can disrupt your sleep and overall mood. Keep that in mind as you work on your new settings.

declutter clothes

Declultter Clothes

Most folks need to sort out their clothes and get rid of at least half of them. Again, have a box or bag handy for the ones destined for charity. If you haven’t worn it in the past year or can’t fit into it, ditch it.

Do the same thing for your shoes to get your wardrobe on the right track. Women’s shelters are often in need of good clothing and will generally gladly accept your donations.

Ahh, That’s Better

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more relaxing your entire home is once you have followed these declutter Bedroom ideas. At least twice each month go through and make sure that new clutter isn’t lurking in the corners!

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