How To Declutter A Room In 5 Easy Steps

how to decllutter a room

How To Declutter A Room In 5 Easy Steps

If have a cluttered room and are tired of not being able to find what you are looking for and tripping over stuff piled on the floor, then you need our five easy steps to declutter a room. This may take some time so give yourself time to commit to entire process without getting frustrated and putting it off for another year.

Before you start, draw up a plan of exactly what needs to be done, what the space will be used for and what it should look like when you are finished. Take photographs of what the room looks like now and try to find a picture of a look you like.

1. Remove Everything
Mark boxes for donations, trash, and keeping, and toss things that come out directly into those. Remove any furniture that will not fit in with your new plan.

2. Consider the Use For the Room
Consult your plan and analyze the layout of the furniture in the room. If it needs reorganizing now is the time to rearrange the furniture in the room.

Make sure there is space for the things you need in the room. For example, if it is to be used as an office you will need a desk and space for a printer.

Replace old furniture that does not serve your purposes with new pieces that will hold all your stuff neatly. Use your newly found space to fit only items you want to keep and that will look great.

3. Group Things Together
Bring the “keep it” box back into the room and start grouping things together in piles like books, stationery, office supplies, toys, etc.,( (depending on the type of room you are working on).

4. Dealing with the Trash
Go through each pile and ask yourself two questions for each item: “do I use this?”, and “do I love this?” Get rid of everything you don’t use regularly and purge the room of any item you don’t love the look of.

You may have problems with this step if you keep things that may come in useful someday, sentimental items, and things that are still working perfectly well even though you hate the look of it. If your answer to the two questions is not a resounding “yes”, you need to get rid of it. Trash everything that is unusable and unlovable and donate the rest.

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5. Organize the Space
Organize your new space by putting everything back in a way that makes sense to you. Have a definite vision of how you want it to look and how it can work for you. Take time to thoughtfully and carefully place things in an organized manner.

Leave some empty space to move around in and let the room breathe for a while before rushing to fill every nook and cranny.

After dropping off the donations and getting rid of the trash, allow yourself to enjoy looking at your creation of an organized, functional space that works for you. You will know that you have hit the right mark when you just love spending time there and popping in for no reason just to enjoy how lovely it looks.

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