How To Organize A Closet

How To Organize Closet Tips

how to organize a closet

It is not uncommon for closets to get unorganized and sometimes downright messy. Many people just stick something in the closet and then shut the door, not taking a minute to keep things tidy.

When this happens consider how long it takes to find an item, going through several piles to search for it.

So let us talk about how to organize a closet. From there on out, you will conserve energy and time, not to mention prevent the disappointment and frustration you may be going through.

The how to organize closet tips are going to cover 2 common closets in the house, outside of the bedroom – the Linen closet and the Coat closet. The Bedroom closet will be another post.

Get Your Sorting Boxes Or Baskets Ready

You must start by taking everything out of the closet. Take a look at them and see if there is a better storage area they should be put in. Such as out in the garage storage area.  Also be aware of what you need to discard or things that could be donated or given to a needy family.

Next, put out three containers – such as baskets or boxes – one for what returns in the closet, one that is for things to get rid of and one for redistribution to other parts of the house.

You need three containers – one for what goes back in the closet, one that is for things to get rid of and one for collecting things to put into other other parts of the home.

How To Organize Linen Closet

You have your sorting baskets or boxes all set. Pull all things out and sort into your baskets. Vacuum and tidy up the racks and flooring with a hand vacuum.

You can also dust the walls and back of the door or wipe them down with a damp rag.

Your next step is to plan out your Linen closet layout. Then referring to your plan will keep you on track.

Which items, such as linens are used most often? The best place for those are probably the center shelf towards the front of the closet.

closet storage binsThe things you use a little less could be on the sides of the linens or the next lower shelf.

Storage Bins with handles are a great way to keep things tidy and organized. (Check on the free shipping with these). Think how easy these will be to work with. It keeps things in easy reach and the bins can be carried to another location easily, with things stored in them.

And then things such as blankets, throw rugs, pillows, etc. could be put on a higher shelf or lower shelf.

The placement plan for your Linen closet could be taped to the back of the door for easy reference.

In the bottom of the Linen closet I store my toilet tissue and paper towel, you decide what you need to do, but that works out well for me.

Coat Closet Organization

declutter closetThe Coat closet frequently ends up being a catch all. You might see anything from coats, scarves and winter season boots to a vacuum or umbrellas in this closet .

So bring out your three containers to prepare for Coat closet organization. Obviously some huge products will not fit in a container such as a vacuum, however the majority of things will. Sort by exactly what stays, what goes to other spaces and exactly what gets donated or contributed.

Plan a strategy of where things need to go on a regular basis. This plan can then be taped to the inside of the door. Hall closet concepts are going to vary from person to person, so make it exactly what works for you.

Tidy up the Coat closet prior to you returning anything. I like to utilize the hand vacuum as it is simple to get into the corners and easy to raise it up to clean up the top shelf.

Now put things where you desire them to go on a regular basis.

For example, down on the floor I have my upright vacuum cleaner on one side and a box including head scarfs, mittens, gloves, hats and also my emergency preparedness backpack.

The jackets and coats are on hangers on the pole and additional blankets I store on the top shelf. I have an over the door hook, facing the inside of the closet with a sack for some things like hats and headscarfs.

What ever else is left in your bins put them where they should go in the rest of your home.

Follow The Plan And Get Organized

coat closet organization

This info can be utilized on other closets of course.

There you have it – how to organize a closet does not have to be tough. It simply takes some scheduled time and a strategy.

And always remember the sorting boxes or bins. It makes it a lot simpler to bring around the entire box to the location the items needs to go, instead of running back and forth to the stacks and doing something with the products one by one.

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