Closet Systems For Men

Closet Organization For Men

wood closet systems
John Louis Home 12 in. Depth Simplicity Closet Organizer – click picture for more info.

Generally, the closet of guys differs physically and visually from the closet of females.

The sizes and kinds of things such as the slacks, belts, ties and other men’s devices typically implies they need to get closet storage such as as a closet system for the mens closet.

There are a range of Closet Systems that can fit the requirements really well. Some are nicely priced wood closet systems such as you see to the right. This can be purchased online from Amazon and can be delivered to your door. This could be used by men or women or a couple.

Closet Makover
Purchase your closet system online or look in a store in your area for it. When you have it in house, then you will eliminate all the clutter in the closet and be able to sort this as you eliminate. Have at hand:

  • a catch-all bin,
  • a clothes bin or hamper
  • a donation bin
  • a trash bin
  • a handheld vacuum or vacuum

Clear The Closet

You then arrange whatever you separate out of the closet into the above bins or into other piles.

Whatever you do not put into those bins is most likely what has to return into the closet, so lay those out on the bed, arranging as you go so you have stacks of trousers and pants, stacks of t-shirts, shoes by the bed, and so on. You will return to those after the closet system is set up.

Next, tidy the closet area. Vacuum the flooring and clean down the doors and walls.

Next, somebody has to set up the system. The above system takes a couple of hours to set up, once done, you have something you can depend on to remain arranged and you will be pleased with how much more organized you will be.

In case there are little bits of debris after the set up, utilize your hand vacuum or your vacuum to once again clean up the floor. The hand vac really helps with the bits on the shelves.

You then place whatever you are keeping back into the closet.

Basic Organization Tips

So next I am going to include several organization tips which will include solutions to organizing male clothing items properly.

The Clothing Items

What men wear includes shirts, dress shirts, pants, jeans, casual attire, jackets and suits. What is nice about clothing organization for men is to have a lower and upper clothes hanging rod.  Due to the fact that the length of a lot of male clothes types is comparable, this is practical.

Develop this order through categorical clothing organizing. The slacks will go together with the t-shirts and so on. To keep them looking good and garment shapes of the clothing as they should be, button the button up shirts, hanging them nicely.

The Shoes

organize men's closet

Unquestionably, women are often well-known for having so many shoes, a lot of males likewise have large a choice, varying from tennis shoes to flip-flops and dress shoes.

Shoe arranging is important for males. In this manner it keeps shoes tidy and neat-looking. You can position them on a rack or shelf, utilize an over-the-door shoe organizer, or line them nicely up on the floor.

Just keep in mind to have your shoe storage in one place. Otherwise it is going to get messy.


Belts can utilize belt racks and other storage. And an excellent suggestion is that you must not leave the belt in trousers. It can lose the belt’s shape.


You may choose to combine belts and ties in one and make one rack for these items. Ties can cause a lot of clutter, so always keep them in a certain area. Certainly a tie rack is a good idea, or as stated above, a tie and belt rack.

storage box with lid
StorageWorks Canvas Storage Box with Lid – click on picture for more details.

Storage Baskets, Boxes Or Bins


There will generally be some products that have to be back in your closet, however you do not desire them strung about. For those, I would recommend storage baskets or bins. These can be open containers, or ones with covers.

I like the one to the right, as it has a divider in the middle, or you can put the divider down.  StorageWorks Canvas Storage Box with Lid are likewise from Amazon. They can be bought at the very same time as the wood closet system if you like these.

Finishing Up

After whatever you need to is returned in the closet, then you have to take a look at the the bins. Empty the garbage, put the soiled clothes in the laundry baske, put the donation box some where and drop off in the next couple of days. The catch all bin requires sorting and you are done!

Now, Keep It Organized

Now that the closet is tidy and things are in the proper location, do what it takes to keep it that way. If you take 10 to 15 minutes to do a bedroom declutter once a week, things will continue to look neat and clutter free in your mens closet.

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