Closet Organizer – Get Rid Of Closet Clutter

Closet Organizer – Get Rid Of Closet Clutter

closet organizing #closetHow much time is wasted when you pick up a right shoe, but cannot find the matching left?

Or maybe you grabbed a dark brown and a black shoe, finding they were not a a pair. Think about how much easier it would be if everything were organized. Especially if you use a closet organizer or two.

Closets can be frustrating, can’t they? You know the item you want should be at your finger tips but you cannot find it. And you may have cleaned up that closet 3 months back, but over those few months, every thing got cluttered again, and shoes became miss-matched.

Steps To Get Organized

So what is the answer? Declutter and get some closet organizers. Actually, you closet can be more easily organized than you think. Just follow these simple steps and you can get your closet under control again.

1. Take everything out of your closet (did someone say simple?). OK. Even though this is the last thing you want to do, set aside some time. Think of it as the means to the end – you want a neat closet, where it is easy to find everything. Come on, muster the mental fortitude you need and get it done.

2. Throw away or give away old items, unused items and clothing. If you don’t use it let it go. If you have not worn it in a year, why keep it? Also look at clothing items that don’t fit any more or are completely out of style. Put them in a container and drop them off at the Humane Society thrift store if possible or another charity. The money made from sales goes toward taking care of animals. As well, there may be a few choice items you may want to give to someone you know.

3. Now, Group like items together. Don’t put things back willy-nilly. Take a look at what you are putting back. Organize your clothes just like you were going shopping in a store. Lay all of it out on your bed. Make separate piles of shirts and tops, dresses, skirts, your shoes and so forth. Now, get them ready to go back into the closet in groups. All your tops and shirts together, all pants together, all dresses together and your shoes matched up as well.

4. Next Install the right Closet Organizer units. This can be shoe racks, inexpensive plastic bins or baskets or a high end custom wood closet system.

Still not sure? Consider: When you install a complete closet system. You will end up with at least 25% more storage space and it could be much more.

When you watch home improvement shows, you will find that closet organizers are often featured. No longer are closets just areas where you stuff things in the closet and close the door. They now can be well organized, pretty and functional.

So set aside the time to work with a few closet organizers and get that closet straightened out. Think of the time you will save and the frustration you will avoid once it is all set up properly.


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